The One

Content Warning: One PG-13 Swear. That’s it. May or may not be based on true events…

“She was beautiful.”

“Dude, you flew on a plane with her for an hour and a half. You didn’t even sit next to her.”

“I only saw her before and after, in the Orlando terminal.”

“It’s borderline stalking. What made her so, uh, beautiful?”

“I have no freaking clue. I typically think girls with short hair are unattractive. This one was different.”

“You are absolutely girl crazy.”

“Aren’t all guys?”

“Well, yeah. I guess.”

“Then that has nothing to do with it. She had a white flower in her hair. Made of plastic or something.”

“A blond, I assume?”

“You assume correctly. She seemed really nice.”

“How was her personality?”

“Piss off.”

“You didn’t even say ‘hi?'”

“Nah. Her family was around. It would have been weird.”

“Romance is weird.”

“I didn’t say I was in love with her.”

“Well, I’m ashamed of you. What if she was the one?”

“I’m a Calvinist, so when I meet “the one,” I’ll actually talk to her.”

“Maybe you’re predestined to be forever alone. Maybe she was the one, and it just wasn’t God’s plan for you to be with her. Or even say ‘hi.'”

“Well, shit.”

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