The Man with the Blue Tie

Content Warning: This short story is really well written, and may make some people jealous. It also contains ‘R’ rated profanities, and some violence.  This line is added in here so you can’t see the profanities unless you actually click “read more.” It’s frustrating that I have no idea how to change how long the previews for this website are. You’ve been warned.


The man wearing the blue tie froze. He heard screaming, and slowly lowered himself to the ground. He turned his neck until he could see the four gunmen at the bank entrance.

“Oh shit.”

Despite his endless fantasies of stopping bank robbers and saving the babe throughout his lonely, miserable life, the man with the blue tie didn’t know what to do.

“HANDS WHERE WE CAN FUCKIN’ SEE ‘EM!” Screamed another bank robber.

The man with the blue tie glanced around him. There was a desk two feet to his right. If he could get behind there, he might be able to devise a plan. He glanced at the robbers, who were all talking to each other. None of them were even facing him. He took a deep breath and pushed himself behind the desk. A beautiful redhead sat with her back to the stained plywood, crying silently. She almost screamed when he slid around the corner.

“What are you doing?” She asked in a wavering voice.

“I’m trying to think of a plan.”

“What the hell? Do you think this is a movie?”

The man with the blue tie said nothing. He knew he had to act soon, or someone else might take the glory. A hiss came from behind another desk, and the man with the blue tie saw a cop crouched behind the flimsy desk.

“Don’t do jackshit. The SWAT team is already on the way.”

“It’ll be too late!” argued the man with the blue tie, “they’ll get away!”

“And you’ll still be alive. Don’t be a hero.”

The man with the blue tie thought about the predicament for a minute. “No,” he said, as he straightened his blue tie. “I will not stand by and let this injustice happen.”

With those words, the man in the blue tie pulled his conceal-carry from under his jacket, and stood up.

Sadly, the man with the blue tie wasn’t even able to give one last cool monologue. His brains coated the floor in a beautiful arc before he had even straightened his knees. The beautiful redhead was next, as the robbers continued to shoot. All in all, fourteen innocent people were killed, due to the horrendous decision of the man with the blue tie. He didn’t save the babe, and he certainly didn’t stop the bank robbers. What a fucking idiot.

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